get to know us // elissa

2014 July 29
by faucethead creative

get to know us // elissa

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Name // Elissa Erickson
Location // Minneapolis, Minnesota
Job Title // Lead Designer + Director of Social Media
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor // Cookies + Cream
Favorite Online Distraction // Feedly
Most often can be found outside work // working on her house or chasing her dog
Pizza or tacos? // Tacos

get to know us // chris

2014 July 28
by faucethead creative

Since its inception more than a decade ago faucethead creative has, like any company, changed with the passing of time. We’ve shuffled location, focus and studio space, to name a few. But, throughout all that, we’ve never lost our drive for great work, our investment in client relationships and our dedication to those we’re lucky enough to work alongside. At this point in faucethead’s colorful story we’ve got team members working in four different states. This is a first for us but likely won’t be a last. Get to know a bit more about the five fine folks this week that are lucky enough to call faucethead home, no matter where they’re located.

get to know us // chris

Images (clockwise from top left): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

Name // Chris Hoffman
Location // Santa Clara, California
Job Title // Creative Director
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor // Scout’s Honor
Favorite Online Distraction // Architecture and interior design boards on pinterest
Most often can be found outside work // on the ocean
Pizza or tacos? // Pizza

photo friday

2014 July 25
by faucethead creative

faucethead creative // photo friday

Image via Pia Artemisia

magazine covers to note

2014 July 24
by faucethead creative

faucethead creative // magazine covers to note

Around the faucethead studios you can always find an assortment of magazines. The contents of the glossies range from outdoor sports, business, travel, interior design, print production, fine art and even some pop culture fluff, but the ones that become staples on the studio coffee table all have one thing in common: a beautiful cover. Though you should never judge by a cover (as they say) we know a well-designed first impression gets us every time. We’re not lucky enough to own all the beauties below, but here are ten magazine covers that made us stop, look a little closer and say “I wish I had made that!”

faucethead creative // magazine covers to note

1 // Playboy November 2013
Those red lips, that smoldering match and the barely-visible tooth gap make this composition perfect. Maybe not the most office appropriate publication, but who are we to judge?

2 // Bloomberg Businessweek November 11-17, 2013
Great illustration and watercolor details are a faucethead favorite. The Twitter bird has never looked better. (Psst… follow our adventures on Twitter here.)

3 // The Gentlewoman Spring + Summer 2011
The Gentlewoman covers can be spotted a mile away. Solid background colors, a simple black and white portrait, black text and the best content. Definitely a publication worth checking out.

4 // UPPERCASE Spring 2009
This UPPERCASE cover was one of the first to grace the faucethead studio when I first joined the team. While the design is beautiful, the rich paper and content make it even better.

5 // Collect December 2011
It’s no secret that simplicity and color are two ideas that faucethead fully supports. Collect magazine delivers in both areas with every issue cover.

6 // Seventeen July 1949
Symmetry? Color? Pattern? Awesome. I can’t say we feel the same way about the content, though. Unless, of course, you’re looking for instructions for advanced square dance steps.

7 // W December/January 2013
This cover, featuring Mr. Clooney, was just a hint of the feature inside. Check out the whole thing here and understand why we love this cover so much.

8 // Variety June 2014
Using double exposure to show actors and their most famous characters, Variety magazine and photographer Peter Hapak, definitely caught our attention.

9 // Esquire June 1965
Oh, Mr, Connery, you really are something.

10 // The New Yorker September 24, 2001
In the weeks following 9/11 this cover was one of the most poignant. Printed on black paper with black ink, the publication is one that must truly be seen in person to appreciate.

Images collected via Pinterest. View the originals and more here.

wordless wednesday

2014 July 23
by faucethead creative

faucethead creative // wordless wednesday

Image via Arch Daily